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When you log into your Sitebuilder-website for the first time, you will get a so-called "boarding" that will help you find a suitable template for your new website

  1. Choose either to "skip" in the bottom left corner, or fill in something suitable in the box and then click "Continue"

  2. Chose a name for your website

  3. Chose a font style

After this you will get some design templates that you can use to get started with the website a lot quicker.
(this is all editable and you're able to change design, fonts and colors at a later stage)

This will take you to a preview of the template you chose previously, where you can easily switch between Computer / Phone view (as it would appear on these devices) and go Back if you want to choose another template.

Once you have selected a suitable template, click "Create Your Website" You will now be taken to the edit mode.

You should now have your chosen template and should be able to start working on your brand new website. 



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