How to embed your own HTML?

Do you wish you could put your Instagram feeds, reservation and booking programs or clean playlists on your website? No problem, among other things, this is what you can use the HTML block for.

What do you need to think about?

HTML is considered an external extension, so we recommend that you use extensions from a secure source. Unfortunately, we do not have support for HTML tags. So if you choose to use it on your website, it is at your own risk.

Important to know is that your HTML code can affect your website's design and function. To get the best possible result, we recommend that you use the iframe when you enclose your code.
This means that the code does not affect anything else on the website so you can be sure that everything will look as it is intended.

How-to? We will use Instagram as an example: 

1. Log on to directly in the browser.
2. Choose a profile and post. Click "[...]"

3. Select "Embed"

4. Copy "embedded code"

5. Log in to your Site Builder
6. Add the "Embed" feature as a Widget

7. click on Edit code

8. Copy and paste your code.

So, now you've added your new HTML block to your website. Does your code preview look strange? Try publishing your website so everything will look right on your published website

Of course, we want you to use and estimate the feature with an HTML block so here are some suggestions on what to put in:

1. Reviews - for example, Tripadvisor lets you view reviews that customers have written about you.

2. Blog Feed - If you have a blog and want to view your blog feed, you can post this using the HTML block.

3. Social Media Feeds - If you want your feed from some of your social media on your 

4. website, you can use HTML to add an extension. Some examples are Lightwidget (Instagram), Twitter feed or your Facebook feed.

5. Playlists - Do you like music or want to share your own music? Now you can link your favorite playlist or other music directly to spotify via the HTML block.

6. Booking system - Let your customers book a time with you through your website using a booking system. We highly recommend Sirvoy for overnight stays or "Book directly" and Timecenter for other bookings.

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