1. Click Page Manager

2. Then click on the following button

3. Now select the default language of the website
(Note this cannot be changed after the default language has been selected, so be extra careful in choosing the correct Standard language. Multiple languages are added AFTER the default language is selected)

4. When you have selected Standard Language, it is time to add additional languages to your website

5. You then get the choice to "Clone" existing pages that are created and then be able to translate these manually, but the actual design with Font / design / color scheme is cloned.

6. Next page you can rename the Pages Title to what you want to rename them to now

7. Click next to save your changes

8. You can now see on the website 2 flags for these 2 different languages entered

9. You reach each language's pages by clicking the "Page Manager"

10. Under Manage Languages, you can choose to delete the entered language options

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