What is Sitebuilder?

Sitebuilder is a tool that helps you create a good website. You can optionally add a blog and store to your site as well.

What's so good about it?

Sitebuilder has many benefits including:

Easy to learn for beginners
All websites are fully responsive, so they look great on phones and tablets as well as computers
Easy to change the look of your website
Full functionality on most iOS, Android and FireOS devices without the need to install an app
Robust page model makes it unlikely that you will accidentally damage your site
All site management feature is included

What kind of content can I add to my site?

Slideshow (sliders)
Facebook "like" button
Youtube videos
Google map
"Tweet this" button
Twitter feed
LinkedIn personal button
LinkedIn Business button
Contact form
Register form
Dropbox file link
Disqu's comments
Yelp reviews
Blog Posts

Does my site get a good ranking on Google and other search engines?

Search engine ranking is largely determined by the type of content you add to your site and the number of other high-quality sites that link to your site. If you follow good practices, your site can do well on Google search result.

How can I add content beyond that to your list?

Use "Embed" to add additional content.

Can I use a Sitebuilder with a domain name that I already own?

Yes, you can use whatever domain name you own on your site with the domain management page.

Can I export my site from Sitebuilder or FTP to another host?

No, export is not supported

How many pages can I add to my site?

If you do not have a restricted page package, there is no fixed limit.

Can I edit the HTML of the page?

No, Sitebuilder does not support this

Can I edit the CSS website template?

No, Sitebuilder does not support this

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